About the leader

Jill Schwarzkopf <realities@charter.net>

Award winning photographer Jill Schwarzkopf of Realities Photography, has been photographing weddings and lifestyle journalism for the past seven years.  Jill has photographed a number of weddings at the famous Biltmore Estate, which is based in her hometown of Asheville, North Carolina.  She has also photographed around the world including the Cayman Islands, Anguilla, Jamaica, and throughout the Caribbean.  Jill is accredited in national associations such as WPJA, AGWPJA, and PPA, is a member of StudioWed, and her work has been published in The Knot magazine multiple times.

Close to Jill’s heart is her community outreach. Jill started her non-profit Sleep Tight Kids, to give bed-related items to needy families.  Her mission is to promote feelings of hope and comfort in children as they go to bed every night.  Jill also serves on the board of Asheville Virtuoso, her local wedding association.  Jill has been married to her husband Scott for over 6 years, and they have two children together.


One Response to “About the leader”

  1. Julie Mallett Says:

    Hi Regina,
    I would love to be added to the PUG mailing list. I have been a member of Pictage since 2004 and am moving in 2 weeks to Hendersonville, NC from Knoxville, TN. Not a far move but would really love to meet some colleagues! Thanks!

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